Fosun Foundation


Founded in November 2012, the Fosun Foundation is a corporate foundation with Fosun and its subsidiaries as the major donors. Fosun Foundation’s projects include: natural disaster relief, poverty alleviation and assistance to physically challenged people as well as sponsorship for cultural and educational corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) projects, youth start-up and youth employment and other CSR causes. In recent years, Fosun Foundation mainly focuses on areas such as culture, education and healthcare.

The Rural Doctors Program

Following the guidance of the National Health Commission, Fosun Foundation launched the Rural Doctors Program in December 2017. The program is dedicated to serving the 1.5 million ruraldoctors in China. The program aims to retain them, and improve the capacity and accessibility of the health care and services in rural China. It would directly contribute to the implementation of national strategy on poverty alleviation and rural development through protecting, enabling and empowering rural doctors. By the end of 2020, the program is expected to cover 30,000 rural doctors in 100 national impoverished counties, benefiting over 30 million population.


Protechting is a global youth accelerator program jointly launched by Fosun Foundation and Fidelidade in 2016. “Proteching” comes from “protection” and “technology”,which aims to support the youth entrepreneurship, especially for innovative and Internet+ initiatives in the field of insurance, medical care and services and finance. With cooperation from several world-class incubators, Protechting provides pitch training and facilitates young entrepreneurs to transform the innovative projects into startups that with solid products and market reach. In the past three years, Protechting has faciliated 487 startup projects in 42 countries. Protechting has formed collaborations with WebSummit, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and the China-Britain Summit. It was awarded “Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in China” by UNGC and “Belt and Road Innovation Case” in 2018.

Anti-Malaria in Africa

In Africa, Fosun Pharma anti-malaria medicine Artesun?, has treated over 20 million patients with severe malaria, among whom most are children under 5. Collaborating with Chinese government, Fosun Pharma has sponsored more than 20 high level training sessions to the officials from over 50 African countries, and has donated 148 batches of anti-Malaria stuff to Africa, including over USD 2,400,000 drugs to Zambia in 2018.