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Fidelidade Macau Insurance Company donates 5,000 face masks to Caritas Macau

During this COVID-19 pandemic situation in Macao, it was necessary to help the ones in need, and to ease the burden caused to our local communities on this ongoing crisis. Fidelidade Macau is aware about the company’s social responsibility and therefore prepared an action plan to support the non-governmental organization – Caritas Macau, to continue their social work, providing care and protection to the Macao community.

Caritas Macau Institution supports the Macao community since 1951, providing services to the elderly, rehabilitation individuals, families, young children, adolescents and youth, education, counseling hotlines, social reintegration, homelessness, overseas workers, and cultural promotion. Caritas Macau has 46 social service units and education service units spread across Macau to serve over 10 000 people every year, especially with their 24-hour support for the elderly that is proving to be essential during this pandemic.

After a sourcing and purchase process, Fidelidade Macau donated 5,000 face masks to the ONG, to support their continuous action to protect the most vulnerable against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board members of Fidelidade in Macao, Mr. Paulo Barbosa and Mr. Ivan Cheung, together with one General Manager Mr. Ivan Chak and the Head of Marketing Mr. Hugo Felício gathered at the Institution’s Head Office with Mr. Paul Pun, Secretary General of Caritas Macau to proceed with the donation.

The CEO of Fidelidade Macau, Mr. Paulo Barbosa referred Caritas Macau social work as crucial for the ones in need in the region, therefore the company fulfilling its social responsibility felt a deep commitment to support their work during the current health crisis in Macao.

Fidelidade Macau is thankful for this action with Caritas Macau to help and support the protection of the local communities.

When Macao needs us as most, Fidelidade keeps going!

Macao, July 23, 2020.