Fosun has put in place its financial businesses worldwide, including those of insurance, banking, securities and asset management. In recent years, Fosun has accelerated its expansion in new financial industries with internet cloud computing technology as the core. In the future, Fosun will continue to strengthen its “Finance + Industry” seamless integration capabilities and continue to en-hance its comprehensive financial capabilities.


The “insurance-oriented comprehensive financial capability” is in Fosun’s genes. Fosun entered the insurance industry in 2007, and has now reached out to different parts of the world involving a va-riety of insurance businesses, including consumer finance such as family life insurance, property & casualty insurance, wealth management and consumer credit, etc. In the future, Fosun will continue to strengthen its insurance innovation capability and create a Fosun-characterized “Insurance +” strategy.


Fosun Technology & Finance Group is an important practitioner and promoter that applies Fosun’s technology-leading concept to the financial sector. In recent years, Fosun Technology & Finance Group has actively engaged in two-way development in traditional fields such as securities and emerging Fintech business, and have successfully tapped Fintech companies such as BondIT. Fosun Technology & Finance Group is further exploring opportunities in combining industries, capitals and leading technologies.


As an important component of the wealth segment, Fosun Financial operates and deepens its foot-hold in the sectors including financing services, wealth management, financial technology and in-vestment management. It focuses on the fastest-growing number of high-net-worth individuals in China and strives to establish a leading comprehensive financial services platform leveraging its all-round products, global network and cutting-edge technology.


Meanwhile, Fosun has been actively implementing its strategy of “Combining China’s Growth Momentum with Global Resources” and capturing global M&A opportunities by leveraging its in-depth understanding of China, its insightful analysis of the global financial trends and its strong execution capability accumulated throughout the decades. Fosun’s investment businesses include primary and secondary market investments, asset management, etc.


Fosun’s wealth ecosystem business includes three sectors, namely insurance and finance, investment and hive property.

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